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I had never heard of Paula Deen until last month.  At first I thought “Oh, my God another celebrity goes down for uttering racial slurs on their show”. 
Every news report stated the reason given for cancellation of Ms. Deen’s cooking show, advertisers, sponsorship endorsements and even her latest cookbook which was scheduled for release Fall of 2013 was being cancelled because of a recent court deposition admission that she “of course” has used racial epithets. Every company that cancelled always states Ms. Deen’s admission in a court deposition that she has used racial epithets in conversation.
While we all know Ms. Deen has used racial epithet prior to the 1980’s and after–she was not cited for using them on her cooking show or where there is verifiable proof in public,
Ms. Deen’s current legal problems are tied to her brother’s behavior while working in her restaurant and from longtime employees viewpoints as to how unfair Ms. Deen has been over the past years–citing insensitive employer requests and/or being passed over when it came to fair monetary compensation.
The fact remains that not one company or sponsor has stated her current problems as the reason to cancel; but instead always use her admission in the recent court disposition which references the a mid-1980s date and incident.
Is Paula Deen a racist or insensitive?
It should be noted that Ms. Deen had a gun held to her head in the 80’s by an a black man during a bank robbery.(incident referenced in her Bio above)
I challenge anyone to admit they have never used a racial slur or demeaning curse word during times of stress when they felt “slighted, marginalized, discriminated against and/or were verbally or physically assaulted” by a member of another race, ethnic or religious group or by a person of a different gender other than their self.
Paula Deen
I have agreed and still do agree with some of Rush Limbaugh’s political views; however, Mr. Limbaugh’s modus operandi is more than distasteful.  Mr Limbaugh’s radio show is filled with rants full of hatred.  His racial bigotry and misogynous behavior towards women are extreme and fanatical during the course of his radio show which airs 15 hours every week for more than 20 years.  Rush Limbaugh’s Bio
Is Rush Limbaugh a racist or an entertainer?
Some say Mr. Limbaugh’s delivery is one of an entertainer.  I might have agreed with that statement 20+ years ago; however, for years now Mr. Limbaugh has known that his loyal fans are fanatical. Rush’s rants feeds his audience’s own insecurities and fears with his daily messages filled with racial and sexist slurs.
Mr. Limbaugh knows his advertisers and sponsors gorges off of the money Rush’s show generates.  Rush has chosen to let his true self come out of the closet over the years by dominating and polluting the air waves.  All this is verifiable as taped on his radio shows.
Mr. Limbaugh has bullied and verbally abused innocent citizens like Mike J. Fox and Sandra Fluke but also scores of public and political figures to demonstrate and demand that his personal and political views are the Bible according to Rush. 
It is no secret that Rush has succeeded in controlling through intimidation and fear a majority of the Republican party.
When a slew of advertisers cancelled their ads after his Sandra Fluke triad; many advertisers came back after a few weeks and to this date Rush is still on the air some 16 months after his abusive verbal assault on Ms. Fluke’s character.
Rush Limbaugh

The consequences of Paula Deen’s and Rush Limbaugh’s language, viewpoints and behavior regarding race is not only sorely unjust but displays our worse hypocritical nature when it comes to fairly resolving racially charged issues.
You may respond to this e-mail with your point of view yo; however, please address the main question directly in the e-mail’s subject line and stated directly below.
Why is Paula Deen “Off” the Air and Rush Limbaugh STILL “On” the Air?
What is the rationale of Deen vs. Limbaugh of why one is off and the other is on the air?
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