It’s Game Time!

Leesa Renee Hall has shared with you why it’s so utterly important to outsource the tasks you don’t like so you’re free to focus on developing and sharing the message God has blessed you with.

If you need to review this info, Leesa’s 13 topic posts all together on her blog titled: The Outsourcing Playbook:  A List of Resources to Help You Delegate to a Virtual Support Team with Ease.     
watch a training video of Leesa’s playbook information contained on her blog titled:  Create Your Faithfully Rich Team – 60 min..Training Video
It’s decision time…
But, Leesa knows that you don’t need more information, you need to guidance on how to implement.

Because it is through implementation that you turn your purpose into profits.

Leesa is encouraging you to bring your information products to a strategy session with her and she will help you sort through which one you should focus on over the next 90-days.
At the end of your time together, if Leesa sees a fit, she will share with you how you can work with her virtual team to implement the strategy both you and her put together.  This offer is time limited.  

Leesa asks you this…

“How many more Google searches will it take for you to finally realize that you need help?

How much more time are you willing to rob from God trying to learn how to do the techie things so you can do the techie things?” 
Don’t become lost in the wilderness trying to be a Superwoman.

Implementation is the only way you’ll experience a profit-breakthrough!

Book Your Strategy Session with Leesa

Here’s to becoming faithfully-rich!

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Game On!

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