Which Business Woman are you?  

You are answering your own phone & 
e-mails.  Calls are not returned for days.  
You have no time to create income.
Your To Do List is Undone.  
You are missing key milestone dates. 
I listen to Leesa Renee Hall’s complimentary training called “Create Your Faithfully Rich Team” on Wednesday.
Ms. Hall’s one hour training is one of the most important training webinars I have seen in years.
Ms. Hall generously provided a REPLAY of the training which will allow you to establish a virtual team of your own.  
Go to:   http://faithfullyrich.com/live/  to access the REPLAY.

In this session, you’ll learn:

– What a Faithfully Rich Team is and how you can use one to free up your time and bring more joy to your business or ministry.
– The 7 things you should never outsource and 10 thing you should delegate or outsource instead
– The 5 ways you’ll know that you’re ready to hire a virtual team- The 5 steps you can take to hire the right virtual support in your ministry or business– Why interns, volunteers and bartering don’t work (and what you should do instead)

– How to find a Faithfully Rich Team without writing up a job description or posting your request on a freelance website
Leesa will share how you can get work with her virtual team and in helping you get projects done and profits rolling.
Be sure to watch the REPLAY Sunday or Monday before an important deadline goes away.

Okay, here’s that link again:

Here’s to becoming faithfully rich!

Leesa Renee Hall
Your Faithfully Rich Mentor

Arbisys Solutions
3-1750 The Queensway
Suite 424
Toronto, Ontario M9C 5H5

You become angry doing certain tasks.
You are making lots of mistakes.
You are writing all or most of your content 
doing your own graphic design.
The Main Thing is the Main Thing!

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