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You can have a great credit history for years and all it takes is one major life crisis to send a stellar credit history downward.
According to Reney DuBose, credit attorney & co-founder, DuBose & DuBose:  Get Credit Information.com an unsuspected crisis can come in the form of a major health challenge, a stressful divorce, a tax lien (see press release) or a major national economic crisis like the Great Recession.
Fortunately; Reney DuBose and his partner in life and business Marti Russell Dubose, credit improvement consultant have a proven track record in assisting individuals who are doing everything they know how to do to improve their credit while meeting current obligations.
Mr. & Mrs. DuBose understand the unique history of Detroit citizens, its businesses and churches since they are from Detroit. Moving to Florida several years ago; they are serving clients throughout the United States.
In April 2013; Reney DuBose a leading credit attorney met in Washington, D.C. with congressmen and congresswomen to apprise them of our nation’s Consumer Credit Protection Laws.
I encourage you to view their website (website link in press release)  for the “Wealth” of credit information that will assist you while working through any credit challenges or just to become more knowledgeable about improving your credit to bid on government and business contracts, finance a child’s college education or purchase a car.
If you need to have honest credit professionals personally walk with you down the Credit Improvement Road–then you are making the Right Turn by conferring with DuBose & DuBose.
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July 21, 2013
Marti Russell DuBose, Co-Founder
DuBose & DuBose
Telephone Number: (888) 772-9673
Email: dubose@getcreditinformation.com
Website: www.getcreditinformation.com
~Announces New  “Fresh Start Program”~

Marti Russell DuBose & Reney DuBose, Esq.

Clearwater, FL – DuBose and DuBose (www.getcreditinformation.com) a nationally recognized credit improvement company, announces today the launch of their new “Fresh Start Program” for the financially distressed tax payer  and business owners with an IRS tax lien and poor credit scores.

As a business owner, dealing with an IRS tax lien can be a very frustrating process.  You may already be exhausted after working with your accountant and the IRS regarding your tax situation.  Then after all is said and done, you may still be faced with the prospect of an IRS tax lien public record on your credit reports for up to 7 to 10 years even after it’s been released!  Trying to get capital to grow your business with an IRS Tax lien is very difficult.  This new program is a valuable resource for business owners in Detroit Metro area.

We understand the difficulties associated with the process for withdrawal of an IRS tax lien and how important it is to legally improve your credit to regain control of your financial future.

Call us today for a FREE initial credit evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for the Fresh Start Program.  Your relationship with us is about more than simply improving your credit.  Our purpose is to make a meaningful difference in your business and ultimately your life.

About DuBose & DuBose

As a credit improvement company, co-founded by a licensed credit attorney, DuBose & DuBose developed GetCreditInformation.com  for individuals to get help with improving their credit!  Your credit life depends on it.

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