National Small Business Week – June 17 – June 21, 2013 kicked off on Monday in Seattle, followed by events in Dallas, St. Louis and Pittsburgh.The week will end in Washington, DC were small businesses will be  honored from across the United States and culminate in the announcement of the National Small Business Person of the Year.
The On-line Community is having their own live streamed events thur today,Thursday, June 20th at  4:00pm EDT on Google+ Hangou(click on link below for live streamed access).
Thursday, June 20  – Tips on getting a loan to start or grow a business
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June 17th
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For those of us that need to improve our credit score before we apply for loans and/or bid on contracts; I highly recommended the business team of Mr. Reney DuBose and his business partner and wife Marti Russell DuBose.  DuBose & DuBose co-founded by credit attorney Reney DuBose and financial literacy specialist, Marti Russell DuBose to educate people about the financial and credit system and how to win the credit game.  Licensed in Michigan since 1995, Reney and Marti have clients (individuals & businesses) throughout the United States.
Whether in front of business groups, real estate brokerages or faith communities, Reney and his wife Marti have dedicated themselves to helping people see the conflicts of interest in the credit industry and how government has stepped in with laws to protect them, their credit and their financial futures.
DuBose & DuBose had a series of meetings April 2013 with various congressmen and congresswomen in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill to talk with them about consumer protection laws.
You can obtain a wealth of information at no coast located at DuBose & DuBose’s on-line site: or if you prefer to contactAttorney Reney DuBose directly with questions regarding your situation; ask for him at the toll free phone number listed on their banner below or through the contact page at: 

Marti Russell DuBose & Reney DuBose, esq.  
DuBose & DuBose
“America’s small businesses reflect the best of who we are as a Nation — daring and innovative, courageous and hopeful, always working hard and looking ahead for that next great idea. They are our economy’s engine and our biggest source of new jobs.  So this week, as entrepreneurs across our country keep striving to turn their dreams into reality, let us keep investing in them and doing everything we can to help our small businesses succeed/”  ~President Barack Obama
Camille Mitchell
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