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52% of individuals put their trust in what others have to say about your reputation.  ~Aquent Webmaster
The National Small Business Week – June 17 – June 21, 2013 kicked off yesterday in Seattle,  followed by events in  Dallas, St. Louis and Pittsburgh. The week will end in Washington, DC were small businesses will be  honored from across the United States and culminate in the announcement of the National Small Business Person of the Year.
The On-line Community is having their own live streamed events thur Thursday, June 20th at  4:00pm EDT on Google+ Hangou(click on link below for live streamed access).
TODAY’s Topic – Tuesday, June 18th:   “How to manage your business’s online reputation”
Are you adequately prepared for a natural disaster, company crisis or scandal allegation? There is more to disaster preparedness than just getting the employees out of the building, calling the authorities and securing your assets. The message you communicate to your employees, clients and stakeholders in the early stages of crisis situations can have a profound effect on the very future of your business.
Mr. Vic Bolton, was the guest speaker  two weeks ago, interviewed by Pam Perry (see note below NCM Blog about Pam’s services.    Vic can show you how to handle the press in a crisis and prepare you to communicate effectively no matter what the situation and protect your ministry BRAND reputation
Mr. Bolton is an image consultant and public relations expert, based in the metro Atlanta area. A global thought leader whose focus is excellence in communication, Vic is a sought-after reputation counselor to celebrities, pastors, artists, speakers, athletes, authors and elected officials all across America. After 25-years of high-profile corporate experience in marketing, sales, governmental affairs, crisis communications and public relations, Vic served as a Vice President of a national advertising agency.
He now manages his own PR operation –  Capital Strategic Communications Group  – and is a partner in 378 Consulting Group, which provides strategic counsel to ministries and non-profits. Vic is a frequent keynote speaker, panelist and host at conferences, workshops and events, and has numerous guest appearances on TV and radio shows to his credit. 
Vic has helped shape the public perceptions of countless public figures through his media training sessions, interview preparation and leadership training modules.
NCM Blog
June 17th
Note:  June 17th’s topic was “Tips on getting started with social media as a small business owner”.
If  you missed it you will want to go to Pam Perry’s site at:    Pam Perry PR
Additional Small Business Resources:
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