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For the past several months Pam Perry has shared incredible social media information, tips and more importantly her team of professionals with various specialties in social media, branding, websites, blogging, becoming an author, pod casting and also subject like the outstanding “Victory Over Money Drama” series which everyone person desire.
Please do not rely on me to send you the weekly notices about Pam’s classes; instead, I strongly recommend you join her network to receive your own information and notices. By joining Pam’s network you are connected with a powerful “Mastermind” which is what everyone must have in order to succeed.
While the events of last week seemed like we were back in the Wild Wild West days; there is no room at the Inn for the Lone Ranger with his horse Silver and one friend Tonto.
Lone Ranger with his horse Silver
Please Note You are not obligated to attend every class–just choose the class(es) that are of interest and applicable to you.  Pam usually shares a video of her weekly guest speaker in her notices.  Last week’s guest which was Pam’s personal business coach Kadena Tate had a wonderful video that was a mini-seminar in itself.
It was a PowerPoint with Kadena Tate’s voice delivering the presentation.  While not as dynamic as the “Live” teleseminar with Kadena, Pam and guests; it was none the less everything you need to take your business, book or project to the next level.
Tomorrow’s guest expert is Jai Stone, author, communication and blogger for Essence Magazine.  Sign up for this class at the Branding Superstar University link below.
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…Join us for the next Branding Superstar University teleclass with Jai Stone.Get Jai’s help ON THE SPOT for your brand DURING this call. Be there LIVE to give your brand, blog or book cover a quick makeover – which can lead to big results.
Jai Stone, Essence.com Blogger, Brand Master
It’s time for YOU to shine!

Branding Superstar University
Branding Superstar University
Join us on Tuesday, April  23 at 9pm EST at the next Branding Superstar U Teleclass with guest expert, Jai Stone, blogger with Essence.com!Our topic: How to create buzz above the noise – and RE-BRAND yourself like a superstar! 
To your superstar success,
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P.S. Embrace a NO fear, NO apologies Lifestyle. Jai can help you REbrand. Sign up today. Each teleclass just $7 bucks. Go here now, www.brandingsuperstaruniversity. com.

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P.P.S. You must register by 8:00 p.m. EST to get in THIS 9pm teleclass. If you register after, you will be put in next week’s class (which is wonderful too). NO REPLAYS. Live Q&A.

Go here www. brandingsuperstaruniversity. com

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