Is You Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
You can create an on-line O Dream Board: Envision Your Best Life™ by accessing the link below.  This is a wonderful tool.  You can create one or more boards.  Your board(s) can stay private or you can be shared it others.
You can print, enlarge and paste onto cardboard for display in your office, refrigerator or bedroom.  And your can have display as the background screen on your computer.
Basically, a vision board is a collage board of images expressing your vision for your life. You may also call them treasure maps, mind map, goal map or goddess dream books but we are talking about the same thing; using visual images to focus your energy, ignite your emotions and manifest your vision for your life.
A powerful way to start your day with Oprah & Deepak – 21 Day Mediation Challenge.  Click on the link below to get started. 
Envision the Life You are Meant to Have!
Camille Mitchell
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