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National Day of Service is Saturday, January 19, 2013 this year.  This is a wonderful way to be of service to those that can use a hand to uplift those in in need.  Click on the link below to fill out the form for a project that you can design.

Read the event area descriptions below. You, your family or business can designed your own project or become part of an existing project in your community.

You can Make a Difference with your positive impact. All of the categories   need support

Your event can be a couple of hours, several days or an on-going project.

I’m choosing to Make a Difference in the Economic Development area listed on the  National Day of Service site under my project created:  Build Your Economy

I just love the the partnership that Dr. Jill Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama have initiated with Joining Forces to support our military and military families.

What type of event should I select?
National Day of Service – Community Resilience During even the most difficult of times, Americans have shown amazing fortitude in the face of adversity. From our brave first responders to our selfless rescue workers, we are a nation of strength and resilience. In the midst of natural and man-made disasters, Americans have been moved time and time again to support their fellow citizens, rebuilding homes and communities.
National Day of Service – Economic Development As the economy revives, Americans are starting their own small businesses, investing in green energy, and rebuilding their communities. With continued job growth, a once-again thriving auto industry, and expanded investments in the American worker, the communities across the country demonstrate their ability to overcome adversity.
National Day of Service – Education A good education cannot be a luxury. It’s an economic and moral imperative that serves as a gateway to good-paying jobs, a strong middle class, and a workforce that out-innovates the world. Preparing the next generation for success begins at home, but our schools, as well as after-school and mentorship programs, also play a vital role in preparing our kids with the skills and knowledge they need.
National Day of Service – Environment We do not need to choose between a strong economy and safeguarding our world for the next generation. Caring for our planet is a sacred responsibility shared by all.
National Day of Service – Faith For countless Americans, faith serves as their guide to do good, to serve as their brother’s keeper, to recognize that much is expected from those who have been given so much, and to care for those in need.
National Day of Service – Health A healthy country is a strong country. Whether exercising with neighbors or donating time to a medical facility, Americans are reclaiming a healthy lifestyle and taking control of their futures.
National Day of Service – Veterans and Military Families We have a sacred trust with those who serve our nation. It’s a commitment that begins when they take their oath, and it must never end – we owe our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the embrace they have earned.
Dr. Jill Biden & First Lady Michelle Obama surprise Mom-to-Be at a 
Baby Shower for Military Spouses along with Martha Stewart
The 57th Presidential Inauguration
Friend –Two days before the inauguration, Americans in all 50 states will gather to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the National Day of Service.You’re someone who’s hosted events like this before — so you should be in on this from Day One.The National Day of Service is the First Family’s most treasured inaugural event — but it’s not just about January 19th: The President will be asking Americans to make an ongoing commitment in their communities, focusing on seven issue areas: health, faith, education, the environment, honoring our veterans, community resilience, and economic development.

President Obama is relying on folks like you who share his commitment to service to step up and be part of a nationwide group of leaders who host events on Saturday, January 19th.

Sign up today to host an event in your community on this historic day of service.

You’ll have access to all the resources you need to host a successful, inspiring event in your neighborhood — information, support, and best practices — as well as the thanks of a grateful president.

And you’ll play a key role in the inauguration, while honoring Dr. King’s legacy in your community.

The Day of Service will celebrate the spirit of service that makes our country strong — I hope you’re able to join us in building on this tradition in 2013.

Sign up to host an event, and an organizer from your area will be in touch soon:


Thanks again for all you’ve done for President Obama and the inauguration.


Marlon Marshall
Senior Adviser
Presidential Inaugural Committee 2013

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Dr Jill Biden & First Lady Michelle Obama painting a Veterans Home
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Frist Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden hosted a Military Spouses_Moms-to-Be Baby Shower.jpg Frist Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden hosted a Military Spouses_Moms-to-Be Baby Shower.jpg
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Military Spouses Mom-to-Be Baby Shower Group picture with Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady Michelle & Martha Stewart.jpg Military Spouses Mom-to-Be Baby Shower Group picture with Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady Michelle & Martha Stewart.jpg
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