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This picture seems to capture how Mr. Mitt Romney was really feeling about running for president.  It was during the 2nd debate when Mitt Romney said that President Obama didn’t call the Libyan attack a terrorist attack and was corrected by President Obama that he did call it a terrorist attack and to read the transcript of his speech which the debate moderator confirmed.
While it appeared at times Romney didn’t have his heart and mind into the 2012 presidential campaign; it is confirmed in the Boston Globe article below by his eldest son Tagg.
I find it appalling that someone who was “talked into” running for president came as close as he did in succeeding.  If Mitt Romney would have been elected; he would have been one miserable person the day after January 21, 2013 when reality set in.  
The message is that each of us should follow our passion when it comes to one’s main career or purpose in life. 

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney_Debate Oct. 16, 2012
The following appeared on Boston.com:
Headline: The story behind Mitt Romney’s loss in the presidential campaign to President Obama
Date:     Dec 23, 2012

An examination by The Globe of how the 2012 presidential election unfolded shows that Mitt Romney’s problems went deeper than is widely understood. The campaign made a series of costly financial and political mistakes that, in retrospect, all but assured the candidate’s defeat against the revolutionary turnout tactics of President Obama. Romney’s miscalculation in Ohio and the meltdown in his voter turnout operation are but two of numerous examples of how his effort to become president faltered under faulty assumptions.

To read this fascinating six page Boston Globe article:



Passion Rules!

Camille Mitchell
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