The Healthy Indian Diet Book with 31 recipes

“We are very proud to introduce our first book called “The Healthy Indian Diet” written in collaboration (video interview below) with Dr. Niraj “Raj” Patel”… as stated by Anjua Balasubramanian and Hetal Jannu, the hosts of  Show Me the Curry (23 million views)… 
“Similar to the highly popular Mediterranean Diet, read about the health benefits of a traditional Indian diet and learn to make small changes in your daily food habits to protect yourself from chronic diseases.”
You’ll love this 4 minute video 12 Days of Christmas Curry Style with friends of Anjua Balasubramanian and Hetal Jannu giving a humorous take on the 12 Days of Christmas on their successful cooking show.  There are plenty of delicious dishes on their website Show Me the Curry that will have your mouth watering for a “pinch of spice”.
“Twelve Days of Christmas” performed by friends 
of Hetal & Anjua is simply wonderful 
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