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President Obama was certainly in a playful mood today as he laid out the case of the impending fiscal cliff and what it will be for 98% of American families.
You can tell President Obama is having fun when he viewed the toy roller coaster at K’NEX Brands and his speech was peppered with humorous Christmas antidotes. The 16 minute video below on the fiscal cliff and what it will mean for your family come January 1st is a must  watch. The president is in good spirits and masterfully communicates his message..
Constructing Your Bridge over the fiscal cliff
This debate is about you, so it ought to feature your voices. Use #My2k (My $2,000)  #My2k onTwitter or share your story (click on the green bar on the site at:  wh.gov/taxes  
President Obama Explains the Fiscal Cliff – 16 min. Video 

President Obama marvelling the toy construction roller coaster at   K’NEX Brands
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Enjoy being a Kid again!
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President Obama marvelling the Toy Construction Roller Coaste at K'NEX Brands_Nov. 30, 2012.jpg President Obama marvelling the Toy Construction Roller Coaste at K’NEX Brands_Nov. 30, 2012.jpg
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