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I know there are plenty of people who like standing in line in a cold dark parking lot at 4am on Black Friday;  Black Friday Shopping however, I will only say “More Power to You”.
I’m no fan of Black Friday which is Friday, November 23, 2012. While the benefits of receiving large discount off of items like Flat screen TVs, some designer running shoes, or the latest “IN” toy may entice people to subject themselves to waiting in line for literally hours; the benefits in my opinion are not worth it.  Black Friday is the perfect example of Darwin’s theory which basically says “Only the Strong Survive”.
Comedian Karen Alloy
If you are considering shopping on Black Friday; please do yourself a favor and watch comedian Karen Alloy’s Black Friday experience in the video below.
Hint, Hint:  You can receive many of the same Black Friday discounts by shopping on-line in the comfort of your home.
In the next day or so; I will cover the alternatives Shop Small Business Saturday, November 24th and Cyber Monday, November 26th.  The introduction below gives an synopsis of these viewpoints.
Introduction – Nov. 16th
More Power to You!

Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises
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