November 14, 2012
Camille Mitchell
Chuck Jackson, Jr.

Detroit, MI (NCM Enterprises) — Domaine Detroit Brands, LLC, is the passion of CEO, Chuck Jackson, Jr. who has promoted wine and spirit events since 2002.  Mr. Jackson acquired much of his wine knowledge while traveling to Minneapolis where he attended law school.  There were several wineries during his 12 hour compute between Detroit and Minneapolis and the winemakers generously shared their knowledge of wines and wine making with him.

Mr. Jackson’s passion for wines evolved from a founding member of The Mahogany Tasters, where he still is the Director of Procurement & Education.
Chuck conducts wine tasting socials in homes,  facilitates day, weekend tours and “Grape Stomps” at Michigan’s wineries.  The Mahogany Tasters have  hosted upscale wine tasting events featuring African Wines and African American Vinters sponsored by Mercedes-Benz at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.  Some of these unique wines have been served at  the White House forPresident Obama’s State Dinners and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Luncheons.

Chuck specializes in passing on knowledge to others via formal and informal tasting events. According to Detroit’s Wine Guy, “Wine and spirit education involves discovering what each individual likes or loves about that beverage. Wine/Spirit Education should not be limited to discussions on terroir and the right stemware for the right wine/spirit.  While providing knowledge, I am able to expose brands that have not been shown to the demographic that I represent. I want my patrons to drink what they like.”

After my many years of tasting, I am still learning. My concern is that wine has been marketed as an elitist beverage. Therefore, my goal is to shatter conventional attitudes, showing that wine is wonderful not only for upscale events but for tailgating and watching sporting events.”.  

Celebrate and educate with Domaine Detroit Brands, LLC wine tastings.  Have a “Wine Social” for your next business event.  Add an educational component to your tailgating events or a unique flare for your upcoming holiday celebrations.

Contact info:  Domaine Detroit Brands, LLC and Chuck Jackson, Jr.

Chuck Jackson, Jr
(313) 505-3032
Procurement & Education Director
The Mahogany Tasters Detroit Brands, LLC

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