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My cousin, Dennis in Colorado sent me the attached Google Doc article title Good riddance to Mitt Romney. While I have enjoyed reading (a political education’s worth) about the fallout over the election after President Obama was re-elected; I’m happy that I don’t have to listen to Mitt Romney’s lies anymore.
I added the infamous photo of Mitt and Ann leaving the stage election night and a link of the article for those of you not familiar with Google Doc.  Michael Cohen’s article is “Spot on”.

Hello Camille,I came across this blog in the New York Daily News that I thought summed things up nicely.

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Good riddance to Mitt Romney by Michael Cohen 

On Tuesday night, as I watched the election returns roll in, there were moments of great joy – but one of the happiest moment came after the losing candidate delivered his concession speech and disappeared through the backstage curtains at the Boston Convention Center. I realized at that moment that I would likely never again have to write or even, for that matter, think about Mitt Romney.
To read the entire article:


 Mitt and  Ann Romney leaving stage after election concession speech Nov. 7, 2012

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