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Maurice Badgett, operations manager, High Tech Connection (HTC) is the grassroots “flava” for Detroit politics and is instrumental in the 2012 Presidential election.  www.htc-mall.com
HTC,  Oval office sponsor for the 2012 Presidential Debate Watches with Dinner hosted by 1917 American Bistro believes that the all peoples voices should be represented in the political process with Justice fir 100% of the people and not unjustly slanted toward 2% of the population.
HTC is a prime leader in educating and promoting the progressive agenda for Detroit citizens.  The forum video will allow you to get a rare view of the judicial candidates running for Michigan State Supreme Court Judge or as one of Michigan’s Wayne County’s Judges. 
HTC welcomes and encourages everyone to attend the Our Voice-Our Vote rally this Saturday, November 3rd. (see info below)

                         Lady Justice

You have an option to listen to the entire judicial forum or individual candidates in the following video.

Sept. 6th Michigan Grass Roots Forum – Video
Obama Grass Roots VoicesPass the Word!!!

Michiganders’ for Obama


Must attend Event

Walkers Plunk-list attached

Complete Plunk-list can be found


@ the Mall




November 3rd. Saturday

Michigan State-wide

Our Voice-Our Vote Rally

@ Greater Grace Temple


Chairman Bishop Charles Ellis

Co-Chair Ms. Virgie Rollins

National DNP Black Caucus Chair


Doors Open @ 6 PM


RSVP – Contact: Ms. Caryl Conway (313) 408-9810

The 4 minute video below with the cast from the West Wing explains in a humorous way; why one must  vote for the non-partisan judicial candidates; even if you vote a straight party line on your ballot.
Walk & Talk the Vote – West Wing Reunion – Bridget Mary McCormack
Martin Sheen, the actor who played the president on the West Wing series gives his views on GOP challenger Mitt Romney in an article below.
A humorous note::  Mr. Sheen’s hair has turned white since he becoming president on the West Wing.(see article photo) 
Voting In Person Absentee
Hurricane Sandy is a prime example of why we should be ‘Voting In Person Absentee’ or commonly known as Early Voting.  Continue to “vote early” Wednesday, October 31st thur Saturday, November 3rd and Monday, November 5th.  Who knows what the weather may be like on Tuesday, November 6th or any number of things that could prevent you from getting to the polls on election day.
Click on the link Detroit residents can Vote Early for information on how and where you can vote early.  Please note:  This information most likely applies to you even if you live in another Michigan city or another state.  Check with your city’s Department of Elections.  
Reminder:  Take one friend or more with you.
Be the Media!

Camille Mitchell
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