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Michael Bloomberg, businessman, politician, philanthropist and mayor of New York City as an “Independent”. Mr. Bloomberg s the 10th richest person in the United States with a worth of $25 Billion.
In 2008; Mayor Bloomberg did not endorse either John McCain or Barack Obama.  (see Bloomberg’s Bio) On November 1, 2012; Mr. Bloomberg endorsed President Barack Obama for president.
Please don’t taken anything for granted.  There is still a lot of confusion, apathy and short-term thinking with Democrats who voted for the president in 2008.   As of today; polling is now all over the map, we hear a new GOP lie every day and on top of all this we must be subjected to the GOP’s craven goal to make President Obama a one term president thur voter intimidation and theft.

 Mayor Bloomberg & President Obama each have two daughters

Obama Grass Roots Voices

Pass the Word!!!

Michiganders’ for Obama – Must attend Event

Walkers Plunk-list attached – Complete Plunk-list can be found @ the Mall  www.htc-mall.com

 November 3rd. Saturday

Michigan State-wide

Our Voice-Our Vote Rally @ Greater Grace Temple

Chairman Bishop Charles Ellis

Co-Chair Ms. Virgie Rollins

National DNP Black Caucus Chair

Doors Open @ 6 PM

RSVP – Contact: Ms. Caryl Conway (313) 408-9810

Voting In Person Absentee (Early Voting)
Hurricane Sandy is a prime example of why we should be ‘Voting In Person Absentee’ or commonly known as Early Voting.  Continue to “vote early” Wednesday, November 1st thur Saturday, November 3rd and Monday, November 5th.  Who knows what the weather may be like on Tuesday, November 6th or any number of things that could prevent you from getting to the polls on election day.
Click on the link Detroit residents can Vote Early for information on how and where you can vote early.  Please note:  This information most likely applies to you even if you live in another Michigan city or another state.  Check with your city’s Department of Elections.  
Reminder:  Take one friend or more with you.
Be the Media!

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