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Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones is an American environmental advocate, civil rights activist, and attorney was the Special Advisor for Green Jobs with the Obama administration.  The Right wing (Republicans) flexed their muscles and conducted a vicious smear campaign against Mr. Jones.  Mr. Jones resigned his White House position September 2009.
Mr. Jones is a New York Times best selling author of The Green Collar Economy and his latest book is Rebuild the Dream.  Van Jones Bio
Van Jones is brilliant and passionate about his commitment in not only creating Green Jobs but creating Green Jobs for citizens that are considered disadvantaged.
Van has an excellent road map for those of us still just talking and complaining about the candidates and the 2012 campaign. We will need to do WAY MORE than just talking and fooling ourselves into thinking we are actually doing something if we cast our one vote.
If you find it difficult to give up one Starbuck’s Double Latte to donate the dollar amount to the Obama Campaign then read Van’s e-mail below.  One of the four (4) areas that he outlines will surely align with your interests and  talents.  You can do this.
We need EVERYONE engaged in this campaign with all hands on deck; NOW; not next month.  Just because it may look like President Obama will be re-elected for a second term today doesn’t mean things can’t literally change overnight.  Let’s not kid ourselves.
Food for Thought & Action.  I’ve read and heard that the “Real” reason Mitt Romneyselected Congressman Paul Ryan was to Excite and Motivate his Republicans base to action and get them to turn out the vote in November.
Their strategy is banking on the fact that Democrats are complacent, will become increasing distracted  and become even more complacent and this will result in NOT showing up at the polls come November 6, 2012.  Let’s prove this Republican theory wrong.
Let’s Get Busy!
Camille Mitchell
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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream <info@rebuildthedream.com>
Date: Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 2:16 PM
Subject: The right’s most effective weapon
To: Camille Mitchell <ncm22portal@gmail.com>

Rebuild the Dream

You’ve probably seen a lot of stories this week about how Mitt Romney just lost the election by choosing Paul Ryan for his running mate. I think those thoughts are dangerously misplaced. Here’s why:

Ryan is THE most effective weapon the other side has. He makes the argument for austerity with passion, poise and skill. He is a true believer. Vice President Biden better eat his Wheaties before the debate.

If they win, they can claim a clear mandate to destroy everything that made the American Dream possible. And even if they lose, they’ll shift the debate to the right so that any December ‘grand bargain’ will only cut Medicare a little instead of a lot. They’ll have the whole country thinking America is “broke,” when the truth is that a handful of the super-rich are bleeding us dry and cutting the net out from under the middle class.

Here’s the real truth: America is NOT broke, America is Being Robbed.

We can prevail. But we have to bring our A game. We need to defeat their arguments, not push watered-down alternatives. So today, we’re launching a BIG campaign to get this message out there: America is Being Robbed.

Americans already suspect the game is rigged against them. They’re just looking for who to blame, and who has a plan to fix things. We’ve got a chance to break through. We need to frame the terms of the debate and win the war of ideas. If we don’t, even a victory in November won’t stop the worst of the 1% from tearing down the American Dream.

So here’s our plan. From now through the election and on into December, we will:

Engage artists to change public opinion. We won’t persuade people with more fact sheets and numbers. We need to organize artists and musicians to create inspiring projects that expose how Americans are being robbed every day by banks, corporations and the politicians that they own.

Make it an election issue. Get candidates to go on the record on our issues by filling out the 99Elect questionnaire, and use campaigns and in-district events to show which candidates are willing to help stop the robbery (even if they need a push sometimes) — and which ones are driving the getaway car.

Expose the villains and lift up the victims. Expose the people who are dodging taxes, taking subsidies and ripping us off. We’ll use advertising and public pressure, and tirelessly work the media to put the heartbreaking stories of their victims front and center.

Educate and explain. The right uses complexity as a weapon of deception to hide how a handful of people are robbing America. We’re going to share graphics, videos, and stories, and provide you the tools to tell this story in your community with online message trainings led by some of the best progressive communicators in the business.

Are you in? We need to raise $100,000 for a multi-month campaign of this magnitude. Even $10 today will help, big time.

The most eye-opening part of my job is getting to meet and talk to so many people. We talk in airports, in church basements, in coffee shops. They tell me about losing the homes they raised their kids in. Picking up groceries at the food bank they used to give to. Struggling to make rent because they were scammed into a student loan with all sorts of extra fees.

Wanting to work. Begging to work. But finding no jobs because big corporations are hoarding profits instead of hiring and Washington D.C. just doesn’t seem to care.

Somehow, Washington has made the whole conversation about budget numbers. But it’s not. It’s about people who are hurting. We can never forget that. We CANNOT back down.

Van, and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

Rebuild the Dream is a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovations to help fix the U.S. economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

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