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Donna Summer, singer, songwriter and five Grammy award winner; passed away in May at the age of 63. While Donna was known as the Diva of disco music in the 70’s; her music, talents and life; were broader and more diverse than is generally known. Donna Summer Bio
Barbra Streisand, a Diva’s Diva turned 70 in April.  Barbra’s accomplishments could literally fill several books.  Barbra Streisand Bio
I find it interesting that the Bee Gees in the eye of the public are generally know for their disco music during the 70’s even though the Bee Gees career started before Barbra started her professional career.
Donna and Barbra teamed up and created one of the best known duets in 1979 titled No More Tears (Enough is Enough). Initially the producers of the album did not want to include the song; however, Barbra insisted that it be included. The duet Enough is Enough went platinum and after 30 years is commercially the most successful duet as of 2010.  The extended version is sung in the music video below.
Enough is Enough – Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand – Music Video

Robin Gibb passed away at age 63 several days after Donna Summer. Robin was one of the Gibb Brothers known as the Bee Gees.  There have been only 5 individuals and/or  groups that have out sold the Bee Gees.  Bee Gees Bio  
Barbra Streisand asked Barry Gibb, (now age 66 is the remaining Gibb Brother – attached photo) to write and produce an album for her in 1980   One of the songs written by the Bee Gees for her album Guilty was called  “Woman in Love” which became Barbra Streisand’s biggest hit.
Another hit song from the album is titled “What Kind of Fool” performed “Live” by Barbra and Barry for a 1986 outdoor concert held at Barbra’s Malibu Ranch.  Fortunately for us it was recorded in the video below.
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