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Now that the 2012 presidential campaign is underway betweenPresident Obama and challenger Mitt Romney; you may want to subscribe to the actual videos that are released through the White House and the Barack Obama channels on You Tube.
Politico.com is an excellent E-News/Blogs on political matters  Of course; there are many other blogs on politics.
My preference is to hear directly from the President regarding what he said rather than have his remarks filtered through the mass mediaoutlets like TV and radio with their spin or chopped up version; even though I do listen to mass media news on occasion.
One also has the option of hearing the President’s remarks in their full context.  Usually the speeches are taped in full and/or broken down in shorter videos. Channel subscriptions will send  to your e-mail  newly released videos.
White House Channel (official)
Barack Obama/Obama For America Channel (campaign)
Recent videos on immigration:

June 22, 2012 White House channel video:
President Obama Speaks at the NALEO Annual Conference
 27 min. full remarks

Barack Obama channel video:
Mitt Romney on US Immigration Policy:  Why won’t he give a straight answer?  2.0 min.
Politico.com  (Politics, Political News & Election 2012)
Politico.com has balance political reporting. I particularly like the various blogs and enjoy The Arena section.  The Arena is Politico’s daily debate with policymakers and opinion shapers from both parties.
Today’s Politico.com Lead Story
Interesting article about Chief Justice John Roberts.
John Roberts’s Big Moment
Thursday will be a very interesting day when the Supreme Courts ruling on Health Care is released.
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