Hello Entrepreneurs:

Use your creativity to “Boost your Business” by working to support the 2012 Obama For America campaign.
Read the e-mail below and treat this like you would any great opportunity.  Focus on the 2012 Obama For America mission at your party, event or meeting.
Note:  Any city in America can host a house party or event–just click on “Create Event” when you are in the campaign site.
Party/Event Time:
Briefly introduce attendees with a brief one-liner about their business, profession and/or passion.
Start the 2012 campaign discussion with the instructions and materials you receive when you sign up to host a house party or business event.  (Read e-mail below)  At the close of this campaign event/party; networking will naturally occur between businesses and people with mutual interests.
This a wonderful opportunity to create excitement, donations to the campaign and action by “Getting the Word Out” for the 2012 Obama For American campaign.  This will in turn create interest and open doors for your business. These low cost parties/events shows your attendees that your business has “Stepped up-to-the Plate”.
Finance Businesses & Beyond:
I especially see a strong alignment for businesses that are in the financial, credit, home mortgage fields. This is a chance to help people “Cut to-the Chase” from all the confusion in the media and educate people about Macro-economics and how it applies to their world and connect with them to solve their financial and credit concerns.
Business Services & Beyond:
This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce people who want to start a business and show them the ropes on how to run a business.
Social Media and Beyond:
If you are in the social media, technology arenas; hosting a party/event is a very strong alignment for your business and the campaign.
Artists & Beyond:
Click on my blog  Where were you June 16, 2008? to get ideas from my parties/events in 2008.  These parties/events are not limited to the business world.
Imagine the possibilities as you create your house party or business event  in alignment with the 2012 Obama For American campaign.
Don’t forget to send me an invite to your Party!
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises
Obama - Biden
Camille –House meetings are some of the easiest and most effective ways to bring new people into this organization.One person hosts a few friends and neighbors for some fun, and to talk about why this election matters. And at the end of the night, everyone goes home fired up to pitch in for the President and other Democrats.

That’s why we’re kicking it into high-gear this month, with a week of house meetings all across Michigan. It’s a great chance for you to get your friends and neighbors involved and ready to help get other Michiganders registered to vote.

Can you host one in your neighborhood?

We’ll provide you with all the materials and support you need to get prepared, including an organizer checklist and agenda. We’ll help you set up a screening of the campaign’s newest ad, “Forward,” and give you tips on starting a good discussion with your group.

All you have to do is open your doors to people in Detroit who are looking to get involved.

This election is going to be tough, and it’s more important than ever that we have a strong grassroots network of neighborhood teams to register voters and build support for the President and other Democrats. These house meetings will get our summer — and the countdown to Election Day — started on the right foot.

So sign up now to host an event in June — and take your organizing in Detroit to the next level:




Abby Clark
Michigan Deputy Field Director
Organizing for America

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