Promoting Fatherhood Buzz campaign with Army officers and barbers…
President Obama on Wednesday had a special early Father’s Dayluncheon at Kenny’s BBQ Smokehouse in Washington, DC.  He was joined by four guests, all fathers:  Two barbers and two members of the military who are participating in the Administration efforts to promote better fatherhood.
Above, the President and to his right Otis Gamble of Mason’s Barber Shop;  US Army Captain Joubert Paulino; Nurney Masonowner of Mason’s Barber Shop, and US Army First Lieutenant William Edwardsthe 2012 Military Fatherhood Award Winner.
1st Lieutenant William Edwards & President Obama enjoying a good laugh & ribs – Kenny’s BBQ Smokehouse, Wash., D.C.
1. 1st Lieutenant William (Bill) Edwards of the U.S. Army is the 2012 Military Fatherhood Award Winner as selected by the National Fatherhood Initiative.  He is currently based at Fort Jackson in South Carolina where he lives with his wife of 13 years, Esther, and their four children.  Lt. Edwards uses his musical and cinematic talents to stay connected with his four children before, during, and after his deployments. He was deployed with the 3rd Infantry Division Band in 2007-2008 for 14 months in Iraq. While he was deployed, he sent a flag that had flown over Camp Victory headquarters in Iraq to his daughter’s preschool as a reminder of how much he cared about his family.
2. CPT Joubert Paulino of the U.S Army is currently based at Fort Meade in Maryland where he resides with his wife of 16 years, Ginamarie, and their two children Jonah, age 6, and Julia, age 4.  CPT Paulino uses his desire for adventure to stay connected with his children.  For example, he involves his children in the selection process of states or countries where they would like to start an adventure or experience of a lifetime. This year, his children have selected to snorkel the reefs of Hawaii.  CPT Paulino continuously travels for his specialized emergency response team, and serves his country through chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense, however CPT Paulino also manages to stay very involved in his son Jonah’s Tiger Scout troop.

3. Nurney Mason has operated Mason’s Barber Shop on H Street Northeast in Washington, D.C. continuously for 51 years and is one of the longest-standing business owners in Washington.  Mason also cuts hair in the U.S. House of Representatives when he’s not at his own shop. Mason has been married for over 30 years and has 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  He co-owns Mason’s Barber Shop with his son, Robbie. Mason’s Barber Shop is a participant in the“Fatherhood Buzz” campaign lead by HHS, which is reaching out to dads with positive information through barbers and barber shops.

4. Otis “Big O” Gamble is still an active barber at Mason’s Barber Shop, a participant in the “Fatherhood Buzz” campaign lead by HHS. Nurney Mason hired him 45 years ago, and they’ve been cutting hair together ever since.  Mr. Gamble picked cotton in South Carolina as a young man and has had a successful career in the U.S. Army and as a barber, raising three wonderful children, including a son who is retired from the Army and a daughter who is currently a Major in the Army. “Big O” still hosts an annual 4th of July Bar-B-Q for the entire H Street Neighborhood.

Historic Barber Pole dated 1938 
Museum of History, North Carolina
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