My name is BO; the First Family’s dog.. April 14, 2012 was my third year anniversary of moving into the White House to become a companion for the First Daughters. Senator Edward Kennedythought I would make a good pet for them.
I lead a wonderful life most days either playing with the First Daughters, playing football with the President or accompanying the First Lady while she works and teaching in the White House Kitchen Garden. 
I’m honored when photos are taken of me greeting guests and it’s nice seeing what types of Artistic creations will be displayed in White House with my likeness during the holidays and on Obama 2012 campaign merchandise (attached photo); visit: Pet Store at Barack Obama  A real treat is having my very own cookies in my likeness given out to the many children that come to the White House.
But, it’s not all a “Bed of Roses”.  There are days when I definitely feel the pressures the President deals with on a daily basis.  The President works extremely hard and is concerned for each citizen’s well being in this great land of ours.  The President continuous works toward moving the country “Forward” with the policies that we elected him for in 2008.
I’m quite sadden and I’m sure you are also; to hear extremists who would rather see our country fail than re-elect President Obama.  While I was delighted  to keep the President company last December; I find It disconcerting when President Obama lost a week of his well deserved Christmas vacation away from his family last year due to congressional infighting to pass important bills that would have impacted millions of American citizens in a negative way by not being passed.-
I’m here to tell you that President Obama deserves a second term to see the policies that we elected to take root as more jobs are created, the economy continues growing and our American military personnel comes home..
I would like to be part of the Washington scene for another “Four”more years and you have the power to make it happen. Pet Store at Barack Obama 
Thanks for your support!
P.S. It’s only $3 to throw me a Bone.
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