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Below is an fascinating and almost unbelievable story of how long it has taken the Affordable Care Act to pass in America and to tell you the truth it’s even more unbelievable that some people want it reversed mainly to score political points at the suffering and expense of it’s citizens.  Question?:  Do the naysayers have a better alternative?
The 3 minute video of this incredible story is summarized in link below;:

Republican & democrat presidents who attempted health care reform 
Theodore Roosevelt – Republican – Several European nations had already implement health care coverage & social security.  An Attempt made during 1912 campaign. .(Teddy was an asthmatic & sickly child)  (Mount Rushmore photo)
Franklin Roosevelt – An attempt made to include in Social Security Act during late 1930’s. (At age 39; Franklin was paralyzed from waist down)
Harry Truman – An attempt; blocked by political bickering
Dwight Eisenhower – Republican & famed WWII general (photo attached)
John Kennedy – WWII injuries & health problems –  (young Bill Clinton meeting President Kennedy in photo)
Lyndon Johnson – Medicare passed July 30, 1965; this was a huge accomplishment. (photo attached)
Richard Nixon – Republican who built bridges with China An attempt made with an employer mandate; blocked by political bickering  (photo attached)
Jimmy Carter – An attempt made; blocked by political bickering
William Clinton – (Meeting President Kennedy in photo)
Barack Obama – Affordable Care Act passed March 23, 2010
(Washington – Obama_44 presidents – photo attached)

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
Mount Rushmore_Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt & Abramham Lincoln.jpg
Presidents George Washington, 
Thomas Jefferson, Theodore 
Roosevelt & Abraham Lincoln
President Kennedy a role model 
who Made a Difference 

Bill Clinton. age 16 shaking hands 
with President Kennedy in 1963
Part 1:  Tuesday, March 27th
National Women’s History Month & Women’s Health  
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