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Many of you have commented on my blogs about the White House and really like the commentary and connections with State Dinners menus and preparations, iron chefs, D.C. restaurants, the Let’s Move Initiative and White House garden, great food and drinks and burger and pizza runs.  While policy may be discussed related to health and food; It’s a much lighter side than the politically wrangling you hear on the  nightly news. There is a great blog on this very subject called:
Below follows a couple of recent blog posts for a March 20th St. Patrick’s Day reception at the White House and on March 17th.  I love that fact that Taioseach Kenny of Ireland presented President O’Bama with an “official certificate” of his Irish ancestry.
One of my favorite gifts in the Obama for America 2012 campaign store is a coffee mug titled Made In the U.S.A. with a picture of President Obama on one side and his Hawaiian birth certificate on the other side (attached photo)  Made In the USA Coffee Mug  
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President Obama Hosts 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Reception At The White House

Taoiseach Kenny presents a special gift…

St. Patrick’s Day at the White House was a “weeklong” celebration, Vice President Joe Biden told a cheering crowd on Tuesday night during the annual reception as he welcomed hundreds of guests in the East Room. The 7:00 PM event was complete with flowing drinks and long-winded but heartfelt toasts as President Obama and Taoiseach Enda Kenny of Ireland capped a day of celebrating the “strong bonds” between the US and the Emerald Isle. They had shamrock stuffed into the breast pockets of their dark suit jackets, and Kenny bore gifts: A Waterford crystal bowl laden with more shamrock, and an “official certificate” of Mr. Obama’s Irish ancestry, displayed in a frame (above).

“These are rare, as rare as the man himself,” Kenny said, pulling a drape off the certificate to unveil it.

“This will have a special place of honor, beside my birth certificate,” President Obama quipped without skipping a beat.

The President’s maternal Irish roots date back to the 1790s; his great-great-great-grandfather, a shoemaker named Falmouth Kearny, emigrated from the tiny village of Moneygall in County Offaly during the Great Famine. More than 30 million Americans–a hefty voting bloc–claim Irish ancestry. (Above: The Taoiseach presents the President with Shamrock)
President Obama, for the third time of the day, noted that Tuesday was not St. Patrick’s Day.

“We just wanted to prove that America considers Ireland a dear and steadfast friend every day of the year,” he said, to cheers.


President Obama Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day At DC Pub The Dubliner, Joined By An Irish Cousin

Henry Healy and Irish publican Ollie Hayes reunite with President to party with hundreds of DC’s revelers…

President O’bama celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a very early pint on Saturday, when he quaffed Guinness at DC’s The Dubliner, a storied Irish pub located steps away from Capitol Hill. Mr. Obama was joined for his 1:00 PM beerfest by Henry Healy, an eighth cousin from his ancestral village of Moneygall in Ireland, and Ollie Hayes, owner of the pub where the President met the Irish members of his family for the first time last May during his visit to the tiny hamlet in County Offaly. The President’s Irish roots, discovered during the 2008 campaign, are on his maternal side, and date back to 1761. (Above: Healy is center, and Hayes is at right)

The trio toasted their DC reunion today, along with a large and rowdy crowd of hundreds, many of whom had been enjoying themselves since 10:00 AM, wearing festive beads, green wigs, shamrock head bobblers and face paint.

Danny Coleman, owner of The Dubliner, said the bar received a scant five-minute warning that the President would be arriving. As for the President’s pint of Guinness?

“He finished it!” Coleman said.

“Ok how surreal was that just went for a guinness with president Obama in the Dubliner in DC,” (stet) Healy, 27, tweeted. He’s known in Moneygall as “King Henry VIII ” thanks to his Presidential relation.
The President’s press pool noted the presence of a Guinness foam mustache as he drank.  The Obama campaign loves the President’s Emerald Isle heritage:  Some 30% of Americans claim Irish ancestry. The Campaign store briefly sold an O’bama Pint Glass Set ($25 for two), complete with a 2012 Shamrock logo, but it vanished from the swag store in February. T-shirts with the logo were still being offered on Saturday (“last chance”).

Hayes gave the President and First Lady Obama lessons in Guinness pint-pulling last year when they visited his eponymous pub. The two Irishmen have been in DC since Thursday, according to Healy. They partied with the President for close to half an hour at The Dubliner.

The President, clad casually in slacks, a button down shirt and a pale moss-green jacket that read “National Parks, America’s Best Idea,” arrived at The Dubliner shortly before 1:00 PM by motorcade for a celebration that wasn’t listed on his daily schedule.

The day was beautiful and sunny, and as he stepped out of his ride, the President was greeted by revelers outside The Dubliner and nearby Irish Times, partying beneath sidewalk tents. (Above: WH photog Pete Souza took this arty shot of the President and Healy in a mirror above the bar)

One woman loudly urged the President to “sign my face,” according to pool, but he declined and instead shook hands and posed for photos before walking into The Dubliner, a DC institution beloved by Irish ex-pats for the last 37 years. The crowd inside chanted “Four more years!” at least twice twice, and chanted “U.S.A! U.S.A.!”at one point.

The President’s Irish roots…

The President’s Irish roots were uncovered when he was a Senator running for President, and he first met his distant relations during his visit to Moneygall last May, ahead of his State Visit to the UK. In Moneygall, he met Healy and many other distant relations; the President is related to three families in the village, the Healys, the Donovans, and the Kearneys. (Above: Toasting with Healy)

The President’s roots date back to 1761, when there was a marriage between Sarah Healy and Joseph Kearney, the great-great-grandfather of Falmouth Kearney, the President’s great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side, who immigrated from Moneygall to Ohio in 1850 in the midst of Ireland’s Great Famine.
The President will “officially” celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday at the White House, when he welcomes IrishTaoiseach Enda Kenny for a day of events, including a big reception in the evening. Not one to play favorites with his Emerald Isle allies, the President will also welcome First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness of Northern Ireland. (Above: The President with owner Coleman, center, as he leaves)
President Obama_Made in the USA_ Birth Certificate  Coffee Mug.jpg President Obama_Made in the USA_ Birth Certificate Coffee Mug.jpg
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