Do you have the Luck of the Irish??
That Free Thing premiere members can receive a prepaid card to use where ever American Express is accepted.  You can send and receive money from friends and purchasers of your goods alike.  You can also transfer money to your bank account.
I have received well over $2,000 in Free products and services since joining That Free Thing.
To learn more about how to get Free products & services visit my site at: and join as a premiere member or Free member.
Once you become a premiere member; you will find the Serve card in the premiere members Hot Free products section (left hand side)  to obtain your FREE Serve card.
You will receive $10 loaded onto your card.
FREE $10 from Serve– Money Transfer
FREE $10 from Serve-- Money Transfe
With Serve you can email money to anyone in an instant from your computer or mobile device. Settle up with friends, go in on a gift

Total Value: $10.00

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises