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Hope you have awaken wonderfully like the Lion below—with a good S-T-R-E-T-C-H   This is the second anniversary of
First Lady Michelle Obama’s  Let’s Move Initiative
This initiative is one of the most needed and successful initiatives to combat childhood obesity.  Most children take their clues from adults; so we should become role models not only for the children but more importantly for our own health and wellness.
One need not train as a marathon runner but merely engage in about 20 minutes of activity at least three times a week.  Walking as you know is perhaps the easiest exercise to engage in; so I was excited and delighted to come across the Healing Benefits of Stretching 
HEALING Benefits of Stretching
I recently came across this article on stretching” which is you will find astounding. Jacques Gauthier healed himself of debilitating vasculitis, arthritis and osteoporosis through stretching. Thankful for the amazing recovery stretching brought him, he began teaching stretching to friends who were astounded by his recovery. His wife, Dorothée Lavoie, also learned to stretch with the result of completely eliminating the back pain that had plagued her for years.


Inspiring people to stretch around the world! 

Check out how Tara Stiles, yoga instructor wakes up in the morning by stretching in the video below.  Tara Stiles Site
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You Can Do This! 

                       TARA STILES

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