Fiat 500 Abarth Super Bowl AD (see video below) turned out to be a very creative idea in which  model Catrinel Menghia has “that attitude” that is displayed by “The Lady” pictured in the video template.

English translation in the video follows:   

What are you looking at? Uh!?
What are you looking at?! (slap)
Are you undressing me with your eyes?
Poor guy…you can’t help it?
Is your heart beating? Is your head spinning?
Do you feel lost thinking that I could be yours forever?

1.  Who is “The Lady” in the video template?
2.  Do you agree that Catrinel and The Lady have “that attitude” that
expresses the English translation of what Catrinel is saying in in the video?
3.  What are the colors that Catrinel is wearing which are considered
“Power Colors”.
4.  What two things does Catrinel represent to the guy in the video?
The best answer will receive a Gift.  REPLY by Saturday, February 12, 2012 to:  ncm22portal@gmail.com 
Attitude is Everything!
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises
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