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In case you haven’t noticed SUPER BOWL XLVI is Sunday, February 5, 2012 and I came across a video titled “How to Eat a Chicken Wing”.  Of course, I was curious because I said to myself “everyone knows how to eat a chicken wing”. Well, there’s also a saying “you learn  something new everyday”.  
Chef John on his blog Food Wishes shows us “How to Eat a Chicken Wing” in the video below and also shares a recipe for Pastrami Rubbed Chicken Wings and Ginger Garlic (Clifton Springs) Chicken Wings.
For vegetarians; included is a delicious Vegetarian Chili with plenty of vegetables from Dallas Cowboys fans Hetal and Anuja who are the hosts of their Indian cuisine You Tube channel titled Show Me the Curry 
With the Super Bowl XLVI  one week away; I know everyone is preparing for this special holiday for men subtitled Eat, Sleep, Play Football which is the equivalent probably rivals the famed book and movie by Elizabeth Gilbert Eat, Pray Love for women.
Game On!

Camille Mitchell
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