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George Lucas, producer of the hit box office movie Red Tails which opened Friday, January 20th. George talks about why he wanted to tell this story in the video below.

George Lucas personally financed the $58 million budget for Red Tails ignoring the movie establishment noting that Red Tails was an important American story to tell.  Feel the excitement on the “Red Carpet” at the premiere opening. (attached photo of George Lucas with his partner Mellody Hobson).
This weekend everyone has an opportunity to make a statement by going to see Red Tails and/or taking/sponsoring a group of neighborhood children to see this incredible story of the young men who carried out their mission against the odds.
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Be the Media!
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

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George Lucas_Lucasfilm_Mellody Hobson_pres. Ariel Investments.jpg George Lucas_Lucasfilm_Mellody Hobson_pres. Ariel Investments.jpg
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