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People in the public eye; especially powerful people will always have their critics.  First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy responds to people who write unauthorized books in the video below. If you think the critics are a horrible lot in America; you only have to read about the criticism that France’s First Lady has received with her being a composer, singer and a former model (attached photo of the two first ladies in France).
Mike Huckabee, Republican primary presidential candidate in the 2008, former Governor of Arkansas, Southern Baptist minister, classic rock band bass guitarist (attached photo of Mike giving Tyra Banks a guitar lesson), author and Fox News host of Huckabee Talk Showinterviews First Lady Michelle Obama.  
This interview took place in 2010 prior to Mr. Huckabee defending the First Lady against Sarah Palin regarding of the successful Let’s Move Initiative.  Mr. Huckabee has overcame an obesity problem himself in which he lost an incredible 110 lbs. in a short span of time.
The interview in the video below covers:  How do you handle the critics?  Mike Huckabee gives high marks for Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move Initiative which he notes is not only an extremely important health issue; but also a serious economic and national security issue.  Mike Huckabee notes and praises Mrs. Obama for being a wonderful role model for marriage and raising a loving and caring family. .
This interview is worth forwarding onto others for the valuable insights on handling criticism in today’s environment while moving forward to accomplish one’s goals.
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