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Lucasfilm produced Red Tails, a Tuskegee Airmen action drama which debuted over the weekend with  $19.1 million at the box office, coming in second.  The longtime passion project for George Lucas was a rarity in today’s marketplace, a big budget ($58 million) action film centered entirely around an African-American cast.
Even with the financial strength of six Star Wars films, Lucas was unable to get funding for the film, so he dipped into his own pockets to produce and market the picture while allowing 20th Century Fox to distribute.  The success or failure of this one will depend on legs and word of mouth (it received an ‘A’ from Cinemascore).
Below is the  2.5 minute movie trailer.  I’m not a big  fan of war or action movies; however, I highly recommend this incredible true story for everyone.   Please forward to your contacts.
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