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Wok Star Eleanor Hoh, is a cooking teacher, blogger and presenter who lives in Florida.  What I enjoy most is sharing my knowledge and love of wok cooking!   Eleanor’s  NO-RECIPE, NO-MEASURING, NO-CALORIE COUNTING technique for one-dish dinners uses a few fresh ingredients and only 4 seasonings!  She will show you how with the right wok, the right wok hei (high heat), the right technique and quality ingredients.
Anyone can Cook Like a Wok Star using her Wok Star Kit.  Enjoy visiting her website at:  Eleanor Hoh which is full of information, videos, resources and tips to make you a Wok Star!
In the 2 minute video below; Latino Wok Stars “Rave” about Eleanor’s approach to cooking. Eleanor’s analogy of your wok being your guitar highlights how sophisticated she is.

                      WOK STAR
                      Eleanor Hoh
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Become a Wok Star!
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