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I was delighted to come across entrepreneur Eleanor Hoh while looking for the date of the 2012 Chinese New Year (the year of the dragon).   The new year begins Monday, January 23rd and is celebrated for 15 days through Monday, February 6, 2012.

Eleanor definitely has an interesting background and unique philosophy of life.  The 2 minute video below introduces Eleanor approximately mid-1990’s when she first started sharing her cooking philosophy after a successful career working in the computer industry.  During the Chinese New Year; we will discover more about Eleanor, her unique philosophy and explore and experience the creativity of Asian culture and Artists..
Eleanor’s Approach:
“I try to approach everything with a “beginner’s mind”, a Zen practice meaning to see things with fresh eyes (instead of as an “expert” who knows it all). From personal experience, I’ve discovered how to hit the “hot buttons” when it comes to teaching (and learning).”

             Eleanor Hoh 
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2012 the Year of Creativity!

Camille Mitchell
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Eleanor Hoh_mid-1990's Introducing her cooking style.jpg Eleanor Hoh_mid-1990’s Introducing her cooking style.jpg
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