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Monday, January 16, 2012 is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; and while it is a federal holiday;  it has now become recognized as a “Day of Service”.  There are many ways and opportunities that your unique talents can “Make A Difference” in your community.
The start of a brand new year is always full of hopeful expectations and a fun time to evaluate if we are listening to our inner voice which echos “Follow Your Bliss”  delightfully pictured in the video template below.  Children have no problem expressing who they want to become or what they want.
 In the short video clifp below; children created Artwork based on the theme “Dreams” from the legendary poem by Langston Hughes. Judy Garland (see attached photo) sings beautifully ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the classic movie The Wizard of Oz and nine enthusiastic children (see attached photo) gives us 10 ways on how to Rebuild the American Dream.  There are nation wide meet-ups scheduled from January 13th-22nd.   For info; including teach-in materials; visit:   Rebuild the Dream 
    Follow the yellow brick road,
   Follow the yellow brick road,…
   Follow, follow, follow…….
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises
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