Hello Everyone:

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that you are enjoying Hanukkah; which is celebrated for eight days through December 28, 2011.
December 26th is Boxing Day; a public holiday celebrated not only in Canada but also in South Africa, Ireland, Australia, the Bahamas and several other countries.  To learn more; visit:  Boxing Day History
Today starts the first day of Kwanzaa which means “First Fruits”.  There are seven principals. The first principal is “Unity” or Umoja.  Kwanzaa lasts seven days through January 1st.  Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday; but a cultural celebration which everyone can participate in.  To learn more ; visit:  Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kwanzaa
It’s interesting that in several other cultures people bring in the New Year by cooking Black Eye Peas which is thought to bring one “prosperity”..  To learn more, visit:  Black Eye Peas History
In the video below; Anuja and Hetal, hosts of Show Me The Curry prepare Black Eye Peas Curry.
Many of you responded to the humorous “12 Days To Curry” video (Dec. 21st) and were delighted by The Kosher Kitchen & Hanukkah Menorahvideo (Dec. 23rd) To view; visit:  NCM Enterprises Blog
Umoja & Prosperity!

Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

              BLACK EYE PEAS CURRY

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