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You’ll love this 4 minute video 12 Days to Curry… with friends of Anjua Balasubramanian and Hetal Jannu giving a humorous take on the 12 Days of Christmas on their successful cooking show.  There are plenty of delicious dishes on their website Show Me the Curry that will have your mouth watering for a “pinch of spice”.
The Healthy Indian Diet Book – with 31 recipes
“We are very proud to introduce our first book called “The Healthy Indian Diet” written in collaboration with Dr. Niraj “Raj” Patel.  Similar to the highly popular Mediterranean Diet, read about the health benefits of a traditional Indian diet and learn to make small changes in your daily food habits to protect yourself from chronic diseases.”  Click here to purchase one for yourself or makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.
Still have 20 more gifts to buy?
Contact Camille at: or 313-452-1339 ASAP for $25 dinner certificates at some of the finest restaurants for $1 each regardless of which American city your gift recipient lives in.  These certificates can be e-mail directly to the recipient or tucked inside of a holiday card or stocking.  There is a deadline of Friday, December 23, 2011 for the $1 holiday price.
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“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – 

not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.”  

~ Bob Hope, American film actor and comedian.

Holiday Shopping & Beyond
For those of you that would like to set up your own portal, start a neighborhood on-line store benefiting your community or just have questions;  e-mail me at: or call: 313-452-1339.  You will save money and/or receive cash back from purchases benefiting you and your community.
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