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Botas designed by TOMS SHOES will keep you warm during the winter months in video template below.  Go to TOMS SHOES to see the variety of colors and styles for men botas and women.  TOMS also carries versatile wrapped boots for women.  (see attached photos)
Today, Monday, December 12th is the second CYBER MONDAY of the season with this week being the biggest for on-line shopping.
Your TOMS purchase today ONLY will earn 10% cash back to you and benefit a child in need.  To receive 10% cash for today’s CYBER MONDAY’S purchase of TOMS; contact Camille at:  ncm22portal@gmail.com or 313-452-1339 prior to 8pm tonight with your order information after making your style selection from TOMS site.
If you place your order on-line at TOMS SHOES site or in a store carrying TOMS; your purchase will benefit a child in need.  View the 1 minute video below.
Click here to play video.__________________


Holiday Shopping & Beyond
For those of you that would like to set up your own portal, start a neighborhood on-line store benefiting your community or just have questions;  e-mail me at:  ncm22portal@gmail.com or call: 313-452-1339.  You will save money and/or receive cash back from purchases benefiting you and your community.
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