Good Morning Everyone!

As you wake up this morning; the 1 minute video below has a timely message for you before heading out to do your Christmas shopping this weekend.
Your actions play an important role in the solution; see article for more info:  The Benefits of Shopping Locally
REMINDER:  Sheila M. Palmer, textile designer will be one of the artists Saturday, December 17th – 1-7pm at 1923 CAFE for the 7th Annual Holiday Gift Show.  For details visit:  QUETARSHE

Thanks for Making a Difference!

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Holiday Shopping & Beyond
For those of you that would like to set up your own portal, start a neighborhood on-line store benefiting your community or just have questions;  e-mail me at: or call: 313-452-1339.  You will save money and/or receive cash back from purchases benefiting you and your community.
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Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

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