Hello Everyone:

1.  Who is the Lady below?
2.  What does “Sei Bella” mean?
3.  Which aspect of our being benefits most directly from “Sei Bella”?
Hint:  See video for answers to questions 2 & 3.
For those answering all three questions correctly; REPLY back for a GIFT. The number continues to grow for our “Sei Bella” winners.

Curious about “Sei Bella?”; contact Camille by e-mail:  ncm22portal@gmail.com or 313-452-1339. 
Click here to play video.


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For those of you that would like to set up your own portal, start a neighborhood or community on-line store or have questions;  e-mail me at:  ncm22portal@gmail.com or call: 313-452-1339.  You will save money and/or receive cash back from purchases benefiting you and your community.
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