“Smell the COFFEE”

With all the Holiday cookies, pies and gingerbread being served this month; we can use some “good” coffee.  Sisters Hetel Jannu and Anuja Balasubramanian are the chefs and hosts of Show Me the Curry  which has attracted 23,000,000 views and 28,000 followers on YouTube.  Read more:  Forbes article – Show Me the Curry
Anuja’s husband who grew up enjoying aromatic South Indian style Filter Coffee said “making it is a no-brainer”.  However, for the rest of the world, it is a great alternative to brewing coffee in a standard coffee maker. The biggest difference in South Indian style filter coffee is the coffee.  Coffee beans are blended with chicory, the root of a fragrant plant.

Fruit cake is one of the most recognized holiday treats. It’s packed with the goodness of fruits and nuts and aromatic spices. Make a batch for your holiday party with this delicious recipe from Ammini Ramachandran, renowned cookbook author of Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts (attached book cover & guest chef in the video below )

President Obama visited with Donna and Patrick Festa in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the article Pennsylvania: A Presidential Coffee Klatch and it reminded me of my friend Annie Redford and our “Coffee Chats” even though she lives on the East coast.
A Coffee Klatch is a casual gathering of people; especially for refreshments and informal conversation and is a wonderful tradition to reflect and enjoy old friends and meet new ones.
Sheila Palmer, textile designer Quetarshe “Historical and Contemporary Textiles” is of the Artists featured at the 7th annual Holiday Gift Show, Saturday, December 17th at a  wonderful warm coffee house CAFE 1923.  “Click on”  Quetarshe.for details.
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Holiday Shopping
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