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While researching “Socially Conscious” business models; I was delighted that TOMS SHOES Founder & Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie recently (September 2011) wrote a book titled Start Something That Matters (book cover is video template).
This is the final in the series exploring “Socially Conscious” business models.  There will be several follow-ups on TOMS SHOES especially with the Holiday Season starting next week.  I will explore more successful business models during the Winter 2011-2012.
In June 2011 an article titled The Business of Good:  News for Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs provides some good advice if you are starting a “Socially Conscious” business or would like to incorporate more socially conscious principals and practices into your existing business or a organization that you are employed at
A Successful Future
Socially responsible businesses will be the most successful ventures in the years to come, according to a recent keynote address at the Mashable Connect Conference.  David Jones, CEO of Havas and Euro RSCG, said he envisions a world where the people that do the most good make the most money. He also referenced recent programs like Pepsi Refresh and Nike Better World as examples of successful socially responsible campaigns.

There’s Still Time
Social entrepreneurs who think the time to launch their first venture has passed them by may want to think again.  BusinessNewsDailywrites about new research that shows nearly half of the entrepreneurs interviewed didn’t set up their own shops until they were 30 or older.The study from Ernst and Young also showed that close to 60 percent of interviewees described themselves as “transitioned”entrepreneurs who started out in a corporate environment before setting out on their own.

Start Small

Small business owners that are looking to become more socially responsible but can’t afford to make regular monetary donations can find other ways to contribute to their community, like volunteering their time.  Small Business CEO’s Amanda Stillwagon writes that while small business owners who pitch in to help make a difference won’t solve all the social ills that seem to crop up and multiply in our society, they will at least be making progress. She believes every business should have a heart, and shouldn’t be concerned about earnings and statistics alone.

Start Something That Matters
In the video below; Blake is interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres about his book and Blake provides insights on how one can Start Something That Matters.
Best Future!
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