Uplift Your ‘Sole’

TOMS SHOES a “Socially Conscious” Business Model has more unique ways to be involved year round besides the annual “One Day Without Shoes” challenge.
A Style Your Sole Party is people coming together to express themselves and help children in need by customizing their own blank, canvas TOMS.  Whether you are styling TOMS for an Art Social, Baby Shower, for your Neighborhood Youth Group, conducting a Business Brainstorming Session or other events in your community; a Style Your Sole event is all about creativity.  To host your own TOMS Style Your Sole event; visit  TOMS Style Your Sole for party/event planning steps.

TOMS line of shoes has limited edition designs from Artists, Photo Journalists and Celebrity Designers; like Charlize Theron, Best Actress Academy Award winner. (see attachment)  TOMS also has design contests in which everyone is invited to participate.

TOMS realizes that the best ideas and the rawest passion often come from the freshest minds. There are college students, who have joined TOMS Campus Clubs and found like-minded individuals to connect with. They are amplifying the message ofconscious consumerism, To find a local Toms Campus Club or to start your own; visit:  TOMS Campus Clubs
For a peek of a “Style Your Sole” party and to check what others are saying about how Campus Clubs edifies the conscious consumerism movement; in the video below.

One for One!

Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

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