Hello Everyone:
Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer, United States Marine Corps was awarded the Medal of Honor on September 15, 2011.  Sergeant Meyer is only the third recipient to accept the award in person since the Vietnam war and also one of the youngest in recent times.  Dakota Meyer’s Bio
In the video below; you will be “stunned and inspired” by the incredible story of Dakota defying his Superior’s orders during an ambush.  Dakota proceeded into a certain death battle five (5) times during a six hour “Rambo” style battle and saved the lives of thirty-six (36) Marines and Afghan soldiers because he said “it was the right thing to do”.
Upon President Obama’s phone call to tell Sgt. Meyer that he was being awarded the Medal of Honor; Dakota said he would only accept the award to honor his fellow Marines and fallen comrades.  Dakota requested to have a beer with the President.  For Sgt. Meyer, Pres. Obama serves Homebrew: White House Honey Blonde Ale
For this special Medal of Honor ceremony in the video below; enjoy the closing “Gift to America” a beautiful and stirring rendition of our National Anthem sung by Tenor Fernando Varela 
God Bless America! 
Camille Mitchell
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              President Obama & Sgt. Meyer making a Toast  
Medal of Honor_Dakota Meyer_Pres.Obama_photo_Souza.jpg Medal of Honor_Dakota Meyer_Pres.Obama_photo_Souza.jpg
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