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“…The Check is in the Mail” are the words business owners with a Traditional business model live for as they hang around the mailbox. Has your dream of business ownership become a nightmare?
As a Consumer Direct Marketing business model; Melaleuca doesn’t have the usual pitfalls of the Traditional business model.
“A Tale of Two Businesses” below is a 5 minute video about Sheri Crawley from Chicago and Liz Dwyer from New York who were quick to see the benefits of the Direct Consumer Marketing business model to leveraged themselves and have more options. You’ll be delighted in how they overcame the pitfalls of owning a Traditional business.
In additional to the Melaleuca Foundation; Melaleuca has sponsored several Olympian athletes and Tammy van Wisse; marathon swimmer who smashed an eighty-one year world record.
What is interesting about Tammy’s accomplishment is that she researched the best nutritional bars 10 years prior to breaking the 81 year old record.  Tammy found that Melaleuca Access Bars were superior and consumes them while training and credits Melaleuca’s Access Bars with shortening her recovery time.  View Tammy smashing the world record and taking an Access Bar break while treading water. Tammy van Wisse, marathon swimmer – world record – Video 5.5 min.
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          A Tale of Two Businesses
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