A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Twelve year old Rebecca with twin siblings Christopher and Emily age 6 are the children of Sheri and Frank Wilcox; a friend and business associate.
I couldn’t resist this adorable picture of Sheri and Frank’s children visiting a Pumpkin Patch to represent the Consumer Direct Marketing Business Model because it speaks volumes about having quality family time.
This business model is one that everyone benefits from because we are already consumers.  MELALEUCA “The Wellness Company” has a 26 year track record of manufacturing “Green” products that will save your family money, gas and conserve your precious time by having 350 consumable products shipped directly to your home.
Melaleuca also has 650 affiliate national retailers that also ship direct to your home or office.  If you choose to refer others; you will receive a “Thank You” check.
Visit Sheri Wilcox’s blog post  A greener, healthier, and more cost effective way to shop  which describes the benefits of Melaleuca and captures the Consumer Direct Marketing Business Model best. Following Sheri’s blog post; is some information about her professional and personal life.  Please feel free to contact me at:  ncm22portal@gmail.com or Sheri at:  savewithsheri@aol.com if you have any comments or questions..

View the informative.3.5 minute video below describing why families embrace Melaleuca’s “family friendly” business model.

Imagine the Possibilities!
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises
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