Hello Everyone:

This week focuses on successful business models.  There is no better example of a successful business model than the one created bySteve Jobs, co-founder of APPLE COMPUTER which is an “Innovative Business Model” meaning the purpose or mission of the business is strictly “Innovation”; even though the operational functions can be traditional.
After Steve Jobs passed away two weeks ago; I distributed the 1984 commercial which is still revered as one of the greatest adverts ever.  It was aired only once during Super Bowl January 22, 1984 to announce the launch of APPLE’S Macintosh computer two days later.
While you may have learned a great deal about APPLE and Steve Jobs over the past two weeks; many have never seen the January 24, 1984 launch of Macintosh.  
Steve Jobs confidently launches Macintosh with the theme from “Chariots of Fire” to a wildly enthusiastic audience of employees and shareholders.  This 5 minute video below was lost for 21 years; found and restored by Scott Knaster in 2005.
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises