October 10, 2011 is observance of Columbus Day which is actually October 12th.    I believe we can all benefit by being “Explorers” (kids again).  The video template is the EXPLORATION by sculptor Joseph N. DeLauro display outside of The Detroit Main Library in front of the library’s children’s library entrance on Cass Avenue.  It is one of my favorite sculptures not only in design but what it represents.

The 2009 18 minute video below of Simon Sinek’s passionate talk on  “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is the 19th most viewed video onTED.com.
Using three leaders; Apple, The Wright Brothers & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; “How great leaders inspire Action” is the best I have frankly ever heard on the subject.
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The Wright Brothers - Old Flying Machine 1903

Think Different – Apple Logo
Dr. King _ I Have A Dream_1963

Exploration by Joseph N. DeLauro