Richard Gere, actor/activist is being interviewed at the Social Good Summit on social activism using social media as an agent to make positive changes in the world recognizing that we are deeply connected to everyone.  Richard Gere, is creator of The Gere Foundation a humanitarian foundation which actively supports the human rights in Tibet.

Pam Perry, PR Coach and social media strategist/evangelist gives a heartfelt message about supporting Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October and how  you can use social media to spread the word.  Earlier  this year; I created a 5 part series on this dynamic lady who has always been ahead of the curve.  After viewing the video below visit: About Pam Perry  to see why Pam is one of the leading “Social Good Entrepreneurs”.
Autumn 2011
We’ll explore new ideas, thought leaders like Richard Gere & Pam Perry, foundations like The Gere Foundation and innovative business models like Pam Perry PR  have recognized and embraced this Paradigm Shift during Fall Season 2011.  These entrepreneurs and thought leaders are the architects of this new emerging world economy.
If you have a creative idea or a successful business model; then feel free to submit them to me for possible inclusion in our 2011 Fall Season series on being in the flow of this exciting Paradigm Shift.

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