Against the advice of conventional banks and the government, Dr. Muhammad Yunus implemented the concept of ‘micro-loans’, and formed Grameen Bank, meaning ‘Village Bank’ founded on principles of trust and solidarity upon realizing that there must be something terribly wrong with the economics he was teaching as a professor of economics after conducting a field trip to a poor village with his students.

In Bangladesh today, Grameen has 2,564 branches, with 19,800 staff serving 8.29 million borrowers in 81,367 villages. Of the borrowers, 97% are women and over 97% of the loans are paid back, a recovery rate higher than any other banking system.Grameen methods are applied in projects in 58 countries, including the US, Canada, France, The Netherlands and Norway.  

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In the brief video below; Dr. Muhammad Yunus being interviewed at last week’s Social Good Summit on how anyone can “Make A Difference” without waiting for the government or big banks.  Daniel Pink, author “A Whole New Mind” gives practical tip to creative types on how to enliven your career and your corporation’s culture.
Note In 2006,Dr. Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and honored with 77 other prestigious awards.

Autumn 2011:

We’ll explore new ideas, thought leaders like Dr. Muhammad  Yunus and innovative business models like Grameen Bank  that have recognized and embraced this Paradigm Shift during Fall Season 2011.  These entrepreneurs and thought leaders are the architects of this new emerging world economy.
If you have a creative idea or a successful business model; then feel free to submit them to me for possible inclusion in our 2011 Fall Season series on being in the flow of this exciting Paradigm Shift.

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